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Who We Are


S.No Name of the staff Designation Date of birth Date of joining Education Qualifications
1 Dr.P.KULANDAIVELU PRINCIPAL 01-06-1953 01-07-2015 B.P.Ed.,M.P.Ed.,Ph.D
2. Dr.K.AKILA ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR 28-05-1981 01-07-2015 B.P.Ed.,M.P.Ed., M.Phil.,Ph.D (SET)
3. Dr.K.VENKATESAN ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR 13-11-1979 01-07-2015 B.P.E.S.,M.P.Ed., M.Phil.,Ph.D
4. Dr.R.SABARIGIRI ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 08-12-1983 01-07-2016 B.P.Ed.,M.P.Ed., M.Phil.,Ph.D
5. Dr.R.PRABHU ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 03-09-1984 01-07-2017 B.P.E..,M.P.Ed., M.Phil.,Ph.D
6. Dr.D.SIVAMANI ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 25-05-1985 01-07-2017 B.P.E..,M.P.Ed., M.Phil.,Ph.D
7. Dr.B.SURIYAKUMAR ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 05-06-1981 01-07-2018 B.P.E.S.,M.P.Ed., M.Phil.,Ph.D
8. Dr.P.RAMESH ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 28-04-1979 01-07-2018 B.P.E..,M.P.Ed., M.Phil.,Ph.D
9. Dr.P.BABU ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 18-07-1980 17-11-2018 M.P.E.,M.Phil.,Ph.D, (NET)
10. Mr.P.MOOVENDHAN SPORTS TRAINER 07-04-1987 01-06-2018 B.P.E.,M.P.Ed., M.Phil.
11. Mr.S.SAMRAJ SPORTS TRAINER 23-05-1989 01-06-2018 B.P.E.,M.P.Ed., M.Phil.
12. Mr.R.RAJA SPORTS TRAINER 15-06-1982 01-04-2019 B.P.E.,M.P.Ed., M.Phil.
13. Mrs.T.DHARANI YOGA TRAINER 05-04-1992 01-06-2018 B.P.E.,M.P.Ed., M.Phil. PG Diploma in YOGA
14. Ms.M.ARTHI DIETICIAN 02-09-1986 01-06-2018 B.Sc.,M.Sc

Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives are made known to various stakeholders through


The values determined reflect the vision of the college. The values are incorporated with an essential physical Education and Sports qualities required for pedagogical community. These values and qualities namely are, dedication to the academic growth, personal well being of the Physical ,Mental and Social fitness making them as utility infielders, who could contribute their best to student community, bestowed with other values like as adaptability, Physical fitness tolerance, oriented socially with service mindedness.